"Trapping is my specialty!"


Specialty Edit

The Trapping Ranger is a unique archer that comes along with The Blade of Erendil. She also has a variety of traps made out of Eldrasil Branches that can be used. She can even call forth huge gusts of wind to inflict magical damage. 

Background Edit

Rena, a talented archer, has taken on the road to help recover the missing El and preserve the link between this world of mortals and her first home, the elven realm. On the road, Rena comes into contact with an organization called the Night Savers, a mysterious order of elves. They are trained assassins and secret agents who run covert operations to defend the land.

The Night Savers' stealth work draws Rena's interest, and it leads her to the hallowed tree Eldrasil, the patron of this secret order. Eldrasil bestows upon her a mythical blade named Erendil and the power to

command magic winds. To complete Rena's transformation into a stealth warrior, Eldrasil delivers one final gift: the ability to use the forces of nature to set fatal traps for her enemies.

Fearsome Rena can call on any of her countless combat abilities to annihilate her targets once they fall for her traps. As she moves up to become a Trapping Ranger, she proves to be an impressive member of the El Search Party and a formidable adversary to those who dare cross her path. 

First Class Advancement Edit

After completing the Ranger quest chain, Rena can decide between advancing as Sniping Ranger, Combat Ranger or Trapping Ranger. Trapping Ranger can also be obtained by using the Cash Shop item: Trapping Ranger's Spirit.


Trapping Ranger Edit

  1. Speak to Echo in Elder.
  2. Complete 2-4 in Very Hard (☆☆☆).
  3. Collect a drop from Wally No.8 (Boss) in 2-5 and complete the run in any difficulty.
  4. Collect a drop from Wally No.8 (Boss) in 2-5 in Very Hard (☆☆☆).

At Lv 35, a Trapping Ranger can job advance to Night Watcher

Skill Tree Edit

Skills Passives Locked
Explosive Trap
Hunter's Ability
Level 15
Humming Wind
Humming wind
Level 25
Eldrasil's rage
Spike Trap
Level 30
Level 35
Level 40

Additional Combos Edit

 : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.05x multiplier during 1st job.
Image Description Damage
Erendil Combo After kicking twice, draw out Erendil to slash twice and finish by stabbing and pulling out the blade that knocks down the target.
  • This combo won't knock down if used with 1 NFor if Calculated Strike is active.
  • The last Z has a large enough hit stun to chain Special Actives before knocking down.
163% Phy. Damage 

 201% Phy. Damage   238% Phy. Damage   276% Phy. Damage   121% Phy. Damage + 171 Phy. Damage

Slashing DashAfter doing the standard , slash through the enemy with Erendil.

 173% Phy. Damage   267% Phy. Damage

Jump Dash StabThe original  midair kick is replaced with the Erendil stab followed by a 180° slash.

 197% Phy. Damage   210% Phy. Damage

Erendil After advancing into Trapping Ranger, Rena swings her Erendil instead of kicking. Otherwise this command functions very much the same as her base command.

 176% Phy. Damage

Landing SlashAfter the standard  or , pierce through the enemy with Erendil upon landing.

EITHER  93% Mag. Damage x3  326% Phy. Damage OR  182% Phy. Damage  326% Phy. Damage

Skills Edit

Special Active Edit

Humming wind
Humming Wind

Active Edit

Explosive Trap
Eldrasil's rage
Eldrasil's Fury
Spike Trap
Briar Trap 

Passive Edit

Hunter's Ability

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Miscellaneous Edit

  • Idle pose and promo avatar.
  • Weapon accessory acquired after changing to Trapping Ranger during her release (KR).

Alternative Names Edit

Server Name Translation
South Korea 트래핑 레인저 Trapping Ranger
Japan トラッピングレンジャー Trapping Ranger
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 獵殺者 Hunter
China (Simplified Chinese) 猎杀者 Hunter
Germany Erendilschützin Erendil Markswoman
Spain Arquera de Erendil Erendil Markswoman
France Guerrière d'Erendil Erendil Warrior
Italy Arciera di Erendil Erendil Markswoman
Poland Strzelec Erendil Erendil Markswoman
United Kingdom Erendil Markswoman
Brazil Arqueira de Caça Hunt Archer

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