Language: English


Name Rena
Class Ranger
Weapon Bow and Body Techniques
Age Unknown
Class Tree Ranger > Combat Ranger > Wind Sneaker
Ranger > Sniping Ranger > Grand Archer
Ranger > Trapping Ranger > Night Watcher
Voice Actors File:Korean Flag.png 정미숙 Jeong Mi Sok
File:French Flag.png ???
File:Japanese Flag.png 堀江 由衣 Horie Yui
File:Bresil Flag.png Jullie Vasconcelos
Release Date 20px 22 May 2007
20px 8 December 2010
20px March 16th, 2011
Statistics Rena Statistics
Can you hear the spirit of the winds?



Rena is a marksman with ranged weapons but can call on the elements to fuel her magic attacks as well. When cornered though, she has no problem striking enemies with her awesome kicks. She also has the ability to seemingly fly through the air with her double jump.

Special Ability

Main Article: Nature's Spirit
Rena is able to summon Nature orbs to assist her in battle. These orbs allow Rena increase combo potential and buff her mobility. In addition, Rena is able to double-jump, shoot arrows from her bow, and charge Mana.


Rena is an elf living in the mortal world. Her place in this world is jeopardized by the weakening of El, the power gems that energize everything including the connection to her home world. If this power fades the ties that bind the two planes will vanish as will Rena herself. She uses her abilities as a Ranger to protect the El and her friends.

First Class Advancement


Three of the Subclasses you can choose from.

Rena is required to be Lv15 to begin her first class advancement.


  1. Complete 2-4 in any difficulty.
  2. Eliminate 7 Mickeys in 2-3 on Very Hard.
  3. Speak to Hoffman in Elder.
  4. Complete 2-4 on Hard.

After completing the Ranger quest chain, Rena can decide between advancing as Sniping Ranger, Combat Ranger, or Trapping Ranger.

Click job names below to see what must be done after advancing to Ranger.
Sniping Ranger Combat Ranger Trapping Ranger

Skill Tree

File:Multiplestinger.png File:Back Tumbling Shot.PNG Level 0 (2 SP)
File:Risingfalcon.png File:Assault Kick.PNG CSZE Level 5 (2 SP)
File:SOPa.png File:SOPo.png Level 10 (2 SP)
File:Rail Stinger.PNG File:Perfect Strom.PNG File:Siege.PNG Level 15 (2 SP)
File:Phoenix Strike.PNG File:Aero Tornado.PNG Level 20 (2 SP)


Combo Description Damage Multiplier
ZZZZ Basic 3 kick combo that knocks down at the final hit. 120%(P) + 140%(P) + 140%(P) + 200%(P)
ZZZUZ Basic 3 kick combo, followed by an upper kick that launches the target. 120%(P) + 140%(P) + 140%(P) + 240%(P)
ZZZX Basic 3 kick combo, followed by a quick dodge behind targets and an arrow shot that knocks down. 110%(P) + 130%(P) + 130%(P) + 190%(M)[6MP]
XXXX Fires 2 arrows, followed by a backflip and shooting 2 arrows and ending the combo with a final shot that knocks down. 170%(M)[3MP] + 170%(M)[3MP] + (2)100%(M)[6MP] + 250%(M)[3MP]
XXXUX Fires 2 arrows, followed by a backflip and shooting 2 arrows and ending the combo with a upwards shot of 3 arrows. 170%(M)[3MP] + 170%(M)[3MP] + (2)100%(M)[6MP] + 210%(M) and (2)170%(M)[15MP]
XXXDX Fires 2 arrows, followed by a backflip and shooting 2 arrows and ending the combo with a downwards shot of 3 arrows. 170%(M)[3MP] + 170%(M)[3MP] + (2)100%(M)[6MP] + 210%(M) and (2)170%(M)[12MP]
UZ Single jump kick. 120%(P)
UX Single jump with an arrow shot without knocking down. 170%(M)[3MP]
DRZZ Slide to kick and launch the target. 130%(P) + 200%(P)
DRX Dodge behind targets and shoot an arrow that knocks down. 170%(M)[6MP]
DRUZ While in midair, Rena kicks forward. After landing, she continues to run if you hold R.
  • 7/4/2013 KR - Instead of knocking down and pushing, it gives hit stun.
DRUXXX While in midair, Rena shoots 2 arrows and ends with a shot of 3 arrows. After landing, she continues to run if you hold R. 170%(M)[3MP] + 170%(M)[4MP] + (3)220%(M)[12MP]
UUZ While double jumping, Rena does a diving kick without knocking down. 220%(P)
UUX While double jumping, shoots down three arrows that spread apart without knocking down. 170%(M)

MP Regeneration


Rena's MP Regeneration

As Rena's arrows require MP, Rena can also regenerate 5 MP/second by standing still. This is a good aspect in PvP as it helps Rena get more MP to unleash skills to support teammates. Rena's MP regeneration is half of Aisha's rate but can be sped up by Grand Archer's Inducing Nature.

Arrows Graphical Effects


Examples of Rena triple element shot

If you are using a weapon with a level 3 burn, freeze, or poison attribute, the arrow will change color and appear larger. However, unlike every other character, her kicks and Trapping Ranger's Erendil have no outline or show of motion when attacking.



Elsword Music - Rena's Theme "Hope of the Elven"

Elsword Music - Rena's Theme "Hope of the Elven"


See Rena/Gallery.


  • Rena is known for her very large breast size, often bouncing or jiggling in some of her stances (ie- Sniping Ranger's Non-combat Idle Stance). The teaser trailer for Trapping Ranger displayed this movement with her portrait, as well. Also, upon advancing to Grand Archer, Wind Sneaker or Night Watcher, her breasts become notably larger (or emphasized more compared to her base art)
    • Some of her stances seem to be added for pure fanservice as the sultriness conflicts with Rena's personality.
    • In ElType, a running gag shows Aisha to be envious towards Rena's breast size; in Volume 4, while Aisha was still flat-chested (and was displeased about it) as an Elemental Master, she became even more upset upon seeing Grand Archer Rena's larger chest size.
    • It's been said that she wants to be smaller in the chest, directly contrasting Aisha.
  • Rena is a jack of all trades, with the ability to utilize a ranged weapon, physical kicks and wind, nature and fire magic. Grand Archer also has ice magic and Trapping Ranger possesses a melee weapon, and both have traps. Additionally, most, if not all of her classes, have considerable combo ability, attack power, buffs and debuffs, agility, defense piercing, elemental resistance, and mana regeneration.
  • Rena's bow is not a normal bow which fires using a bowstring. She uses mana to 'create' magic arrows and a bowstring momentarily which will disappear after the arrows are shot.
  • Rena's age is listed as unknown due to her race; Elves are known to live far longer than humans. In Volume 1 of ElType, Rena mentions that when she was Elsword and Aisha's size, their Great-Great Grandfathers hadn't even been born.
    • Even though she speaks of her age freely (eg: ElType, and her post dungeon quote "In all my years..."), several of her post-dungeon quotes (eg.: "I am too young for this!" and "Am I showing my age? I should think!!") imply that she is worried about being seen as too old by those around her.
  • Rena does not have a "true" back story as her synopsis refers to her race rather than her character.
  • According to Raven, Rena greatly resembles his deceased fiancee, Seris.
  • During the development of the game, Rena was originally named Lire, whom was based off of a character with the same name in a separate MMO created by KoG called Grand Chase. This idea was scrapped due to copyright reasons as both games were hosted by different companies, however it can still be found within the game's core files, as the scripts within her .kom files all go by the name Lire instead of Rena.
  • Along with Elsword and Aisha Rena's Promotional Weapon also changes a little with Awakening Mode.
  • Due to the revamp during 12/13, Rena's arrows now restore the same amount of MP it cost to shoot.
  • Rena wrote "Immune to Dizziness", the skill note for Flying Impact.
  • According to the official biodata she:
  • Has no birthday stated, due to elves living longer than human.
    • Like Eve, they didn't have any physical changes since base job, Rena's height is 170cm.
      • Also unknown blood type.
  • Out of all the Base Jobs revamped in the 12/04/13 update, Rena seems to have been changed most drastically. Her Proportions are less bulky, her Facial Features touched up, & her hair re-modeled & re-coloured into a more greenish colour.
    • While Rena's base job model is improved, her other classes look significantly more dated in comparison.


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